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  • Rick Stewart (Wednesday, December 19 18 06:53 pm EST)

    Saw this last night on PBS and all I can say is WOW. I was in Viet Nam in 1968 and 69. It took me almost 50 years to come to terms with things. I am now in group of VN vets that meets once a week. I have had many sessions of counceling and am still dealing. What I saw last night was amazing. The interactions and emotions are what we see every week in group. Thank you for this wonderful show. It along with the Ken Burns series should be a must see for all combat veterans. We need to know we are not alone.

  • Ritchie (Wednesday, November 22 17 12:05 am EST)

    Beautiful piece, extremely moving. Such a feel good result from such a horror that we all went through.

  • Merle Wilberding (Tuesday, October 31 17 04:53 pm EDT)

    I watched the PBS Show American Medevac and it was great. It really showed the long term love between our soldiers in Vietnam and, at the same time, showed the pain they continue to endure from their experiences in Vietnam. Great production by Morton Dean Congrats

  • Kim Gaide (Monday, September 25 17 02:15 pm EDT)

    Great commentary - I was 8 so didn't know much about Vietnam but it was great to watch to gain insight.

  • Jerry Donnellan (Wednesday, September 06 17 04:32 pm EDT)

    Great, I was medavaced into Hawk Hill 10/24/1969 late in the day. I had been hit a few click off LZ center, lost my right leg BK. I don' think I was there to long. I think I received the Last Rites from the Chaplin, got patched up, than back on a Dust Off to the 95th in Da Nang.

  • Stephen Hemmert (Tuesday, August 08 17 12:48 pm EDT)

    I saw the preview of the upcoming film at the 196th LIB reunion in Louisville. It brought back memories. I was medevaced to Hawk Hill as a heat casualty and later after I hit a booby trap (1970). It brought back memories. I also met a medevac pilot later in civilian life who flew in that AO.

  • Gary Noller (Monday, July 31 17 06:51 pm EDT)

    Excellent account of the bravery of medevac crews as well as the reunion of the crew and WIAs they carried from the battlefield. Morton Dean is to be commended for capturing not only the sights and sounds of the extraction itself but also the lasting effects experienced by the veterans. This is a must see video for veterans and their families.

  • Gordie Scott (Tuesday, August 09 16 03:42 pm EDT)

    I never flew in a medevac mission, but I called many of them in to evacuate wounded Marines. I was a Corpsman with the Marines in I Corp, & still can't describe the amount of respect that I have
    for their crews. They were miracle makers, & were as brave as anyone who served in RVN. Many Marines are alive today because of them.
    I think that God already has a place waiting for them. They deserve it! God Bless you always My Brave Friends.

  • Harvey Bell (Saturday, June 18 16 07:12 pm EDT)

    spent 1970-71 on and off HawkHill Went threw the aid station twice,Great Doc's Pilots aircrews They are and will always be HERO'S in my book.

  • John E. Hinz (Tuesday, March 01 16 07:49 pm EST)

    Great work! My brother was a crew chief on Dust Off in the Delta, (Bien Thuy) in the early 70s. He sent me this and I offer encouragement to continue your efforts.

  • thomas dewey (Wednesday, December 09 15 12:05 pm EST)

    wonderful job your doing to highlight the service these men performed to save lives while putting themselves in harms way! bravo to you and Greg for going back to finish their story.

  • Skip Fielden (Monday, November 23 15 06:34 am EST)

    Mort, this is incredible footage ,what a terrific story, it gave me goose bumps.bravo!

  • James Richmond (Wednesday, February 18 15 04:17 pm EST)

    I was medevaced from the bush 29 Sep 1969, I Corps,
    Americal, flown to 93d Evac
    Hosp in ChuLai. I can\'t begin to imagine what it would be like to meet the crew. Still have a good re-collection of events. My
    unit, D Co, 1st Batallion, 46 Infantry, 196 LIB,
    Americal. LZ Professional

  • Randy Oswalt (Wednesday, January 28 15 01:56 am EST)

    Thank you all for bringing the story here. My brother was a medic Jerry W. Franks I cant tell you what it meant to me to be able to see this video for the first time. I\'ve only seen a few still
    pics. I\'ll never forget as a small boy how my mom and dad would watch the CBS news every night for a possible update on the war. Mort you can only imagine the reaction of my mom when she saw the
    story you did with my brothers dust off unit Ship 236 and she cried tears of joy when she saw her son alive and well. My brother Jerry is my hero! A real true hero who\'s strived his life to help
    others from the rice patties of SE Asia to Columbus MS. Thank you again Mort!
    Randy Oswalt

  • Don Boito (Sunday, January 11 15 11:27 am EST)

    While I was lucky enough not to need a dustoff for me I was often involved in situations which required their use. The pilots and crews of those ships were truly outstanding and gutsy. I have very
    much enjoyed the interviews and look forward to seeing the rest of the series. Kudos to Morton Dean for putting this all together!

  • Wayne Hupfauer (Tuesday, January 06 15 01:49 pm EST)

    Being an Americal infantry veteran I concur with Bob\'s explanation of the difficulty in admitting the problems we all faced. I did the same and after 43 years of fighting an inner battle I went to
    the VA and got help. I am now 100% disabled and with the help afforded me by the VA and the Vet Centers I am dealing with the physical and emotional problems I have hidden for years. And THANK YOU to
    all the medics and medivac teams who saved our lives in all wars...they are the real HEROES!

  • Betsy Grant (Sunday, January 04 15 04:24 pm EST)

    The filming of the Prologue did great job of showing the danger, and importance of what these soldiers on these Medevac helicopters did. The interview with the Pilot was incredibly good. The Pilot
    told us in great detail what he physically and emotionally experienced in Vietnam, and then later when he left the service, the struggles he had to adjust to a normal life. He was very honest and I
    am so glad Mort brought his story to us with this in depth interview.

  • Rich Dziekonski (Sunday, January 04 15 04:22 pm EST)

    I am retired now and was very fortunate that I never had to be dusted off on a Medevac chopper. Those crews performed a very risky mission every time they went to pick up
    the wounded. I am glad that you decided to take on this project. So many people can not
    comprehend what went on over there. There isn\'t a day that goes by that I don\'t think about it. Thanks again.

  • Del Hall (Sunday, January 04 15 12:13 pm EST)

    What can I say. You and Greg are somehow the real Heros for helping us understand and feel the human toll of the survivors of that senseless war. Thanks

  • Jennifer Leahy (Wednesday, December 17 14 11:47 pm EST)

    I Feel honored and humbled to be witness to the brave soldiers of the medevac missions through the incredible journalism of Mort Dean and Greg Cooke. These journeys are unforgettable and deserve to
    be told, both then and now. I cannot wait to see more.

  • Gary Love (Wednesday, December 17 14 11:01 pm EST)

    I knew Bobby in college, as well as many other Viet Nam Vets who were putting war behind them for what they hoped would be a normal life. Fantastic story. I saw the original on a massive three
    quarter inch video cartridge machine in the campus tv studio. I remember how Bob said you guys were so kind to all of the troops. Thank you for this wonderful report. P.S whatever happened to this
    kind of journalism? Thank you again Morton for such great work

  • John \"Doc\" Hofer DMD (Saturday, December 13 14 05:11 pm EST)

    Mort and Bob what a great job, it means so much to Vietnam Vets. I just saw the story in our Americal News Journal and wondered if the wounded were some of our guys from B 5/46 198th Bde Americal as
    we had plenty of wounded in Dragon Valley Jan 71. I was a medic with the B Co and wondered for year how some of the guys I patched up were doing. I was lucky to reunite at Amercial reunions after
    over 35 years and am still good friends with them. You helping the wounded and the pilots and crew reunite is so special. We would get guys on a chopper and never see them again. I sure hope the
    Pilots and crew come to an Americal reunion and Mort and Bob also it is therapeutic and I know our guys would keep you with cold beverages. I just retired as a Dentist with the VA in Madison WI and I
    do ask the young ones returning how they are doing, and see if they need help, as they see my Nam pictures and it is a great way to trust each other. The good thing about the Warriors today is they
    get to be together after deployment so can laugh and cry together as needed.

  • marianne (Thursday, December 11 14 11:59 pm EST)

    What a wonderful concept, and the featured interviews that are currently up are truly amazing. I check back daily to see if a new interview is up!

  • Timmy Boyd (Monday, October 27 14 09:51 pm EDT)

    I flew with the 237th (DMZ DUSTOFF) 1970/71. Was Crew Chief of aircraft 6915617.

  • Peter Manso (Tuesday, September 09 14 01:07 pm EDT)

    This promises to be an unforgettable series, as well as a series that goes beyond Vietnam to comment on the dedication and heroism of the American soldier of today and the price often paid. Morton
    Dean is the man to tell this historically important tale, and I cannot wait to see this series.

  • Richard Harris (Friday, August 22 14 12:47 pm EDT)

    There is too little follow up in journalism. This is a great model of what can be done to bring original reporting up to date. People may want to forget Vietnam, but we do so at our peril. Congrats
    to Mort and company.

  • Barbara Pflughaupt (Wednesday, July 30 14 01:28 am EDT)

    I'm so glad to see someone focused on a generation of servicemen and women who were DRAFTED into war.  They did not volunteer and some went so reluctantly, just to return to an America that
    ignored them because it was an unpopular war.  They did not ask for it - but they SERVED. Thank you for honoring them and telling their stories.

  • Sue Edmiston (Tuesday, July 29 14 08:58 pm EDT)

    Hoping that Bob Brady sees this! My brother, Bruce Molitor was your co-pilot on that harrowing medevac mission in which you received the DFC. He is the one you referred to as "mom" because he was so
    neat and a great cook! (He still is today!!!)So glad this documentary is being done because it is way overdue! God bless you all and may this in some small way,give the validation to such brave

  • Doug Lane (Wednesday, July 23 14 09:46 pm EDT)

    So many emotions when watching.
    Great job.
    I look forward to the other interviews

  • Mark Wright (Sunday, July 20 14 10:51 am EDT)

    I served as a Navy Corpsman during peace time (1983-1987) but served with many that were Vietnam veterans. These guys deserve all the recognition and praise that can be bestowed upon them...although
    in many cases it’s far too late. This documentary should shed light on what these men sacrificed then as well as how it changed their lives forever. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mr. Brady for
    several years as he practiced law in Washington, Pa. I’m proud to say that he’s a friend and colleague in helping those with mental illness. I lost touch with Bob after he moved west in his RV so it
    was great to see that he’s doing well. It’s obvious in your interview that there is a mutual respect and friendship between the two of you...that adds yet another dimension to this story. I'm looking
    forward to seeing more interviews added to the site as well as the final product. Great story!!!

  • Ron Fierstein (Friday, July 18 14 08:13 am EDT)

    An intriguing project. This was an era and a war unlike others in terms of the disparity of views and experiences among those of us who lived through it. To revisit the events through the lens and
    perspective of these heroes and the journalist who covered them, is an enlightening exercise for everyone, whether or not you were part of the Nam generation.

  • Bernie Goldberg (Tuesday, July 08 14 04:17 pm EDT)

    I worked with Mort Dean and Greg Cooke during my 28 years at CBS News. They're both first rate journalists and this is just the latest example to prove the point.  Their work is both moving and
    solid.  There's a lot I don't miss about CBS News, but Mort Dean and Greg Cooke are colleagues I do miss.  They documented a very tough time in America -- and deserve our thanks.

  • Michael Neal (Tuesday, July 08 14 11:54 am EDT)

    I have known of Bob Brady for many years here in our town, he was a great attorney and everyone know his name......I wish myself and others would have known more. Looking forward to seeing the film
    and want to say " Thanks Bob " and all your friends for what you did and how you conducted yourselves.....I hope you find inner peace.

  • Lew Allison (Thursday, June 19 14 07:06 pm EDT)

    Mort's prologue brings to light the heroism of those who flew into hot LZs in Vietnam to save their fallen comrades. In my year as NBC News Saigon bureau chief (1969-70) I heard about such bravery.
    Now my palm feels the same connection Mort felt in holding that soldier's hand as the chopper lifted off. The nation owes these wounded and their rescuers a great debt, as I'm sure "Vietnam Medevac"
    will prove.

  • Merle Wilberding (Friday, June 13 14 02:06 pm EDT)

    This is the right time for this documentary.  We have an entire generation who grew up in the 60's, in the midst of the Vietnam War, the Social Revolution, and the Civil Rights fights.

    The Veterans of the Vietnam War are all at the age when they are trying to absorb their place in history, and absorb their role in the Vietnam War.  This is especially true for so many vets who
    came back to a country that shunned them, and failed to recognize their experiences and sacrifices.

    This documentary focuses on the medevac unit at Landing Zone Hawk Hill in the Americal Division, not far from Landing Zone Dottie and Landing Zone Uptight that played a major role in the My Lai
    Massacre just a couple of years earlier.

    I was an Army JAG Captain during the Vietnam War and did the appellate prosecutions for many Vietnam convictions, including Lt. William Calley, and have a good appreciation for the everlasting trauma
    of the Vietnam War.

    I am looking forward to the next chapters of this documentary because I believe they will help everyone understand better the war itself, and how the war still affects those who were in Vietnam and
    those whose loved ones were in Vietnam.

    Thank you for a contribution to our country.

  • Steve Vengrove (Thursday, June 12 14 10:22 am EDT)

    I one gives a damn, this is a must.

  • James S. Vlasto (Tuesday, June 10 14 01:32 pm EDT)

    I recall the 1971 broadcast and positive reaction it received. As a veteran (post Korean War) and member of VFW Post 9617 Stamfort CT, I led committee to erect a statue of World War II Medal of Honor
    recipient Homer L. Wise, dedicated May 26, 2013 and editor of medalofhonor Vietnam Medevac project Morton Dean has produced should be seen throughout the world. We should never forget
    soldiers, airmen who fought for us.

  • Nancy Lake (Wednesday, May 21 14 08:46 am EDT)

    Listening to Bob, "the pilot", breaks my heart, although, I do look forward to the continuance of his story. Bob, I hope you find the peace that has eluded you for 40+ years.

  • Gijs Kijlstra (Thursday, May 15 14 12:16 pm EDT)

    What a wonderful idea and great work! It touches and reaches out. It recognizes, it moves. It rediscovers the past and brings it to life in the present. And hopefully it heals some wounds.

    On the website you wrote the January 21 1971 mission, to be the "most haunting memory from a lifetime in journalism". With the hand of a wounded soldier reaching out, I can so imagine that. What a
    terrific moment, Greg Cooke captured. And I'm so glad the shot with that moment of beautiful silence hasn't ended up on the cutting room floor. Bob Brady described it so well: you got drawn in, no
    longer an objective reporter but involved and part of the mission.

    Thank you Mort, for your service.

    And thank you for sharing the report of the past and looking forward to the stories of the present. Hopefully it will mean something for the future.

  • Jay Boothroyd (Wednesday, May 14 14 11:34 am EDT)

    As an American these soldiers have my gratitude and as a fellow veteran they have my deepest respect.

    Mort, you have done an amazing thing here. I have often thought about what may have happened to the men and women I treated during my time as a medic in the 5th Special Forces Group. It is fantastic
    that you were able to put this together. I look forward to the next chapter!

  • Calvin Guthrie (Saturday, May 10 14 02:45 pm EDT)

    I serve the236 jan 71 till Jan 72 as a medic I knew all the crew members on that mission.I am very proud to Know them.

  • John Bruner (Sunday, May 04 14 12:28 am EDT)

    Thank You Bob Brady and all the soldiers for keeping our country safe and full of Freedom! And Thank You Bob for your friendship over the years...enjoy your travels my friend. John Bruner,
    Washington, Pa.

  • jennifer Radebaugh (Saturday, May 03 14 07:52 pm EDT)

    As a young girl I remember our deep worry when we hadn't heard from my brother Ken Miller in months sitting in front of the TV watching the news with live interviews from Vietnam an he was there safe
    alive my hero the man I have always shared my life with. Thank you for doing this. For all our hero's our loved ones.

  • Daniel Miller (Friday, May 02 14 10:50 pm EDT)

    Very impressive and timely work. My father and uncle served in Vietnam, but I never fully grasped the magnitude of what occurred there and what they have dealt with since. In watching the 1971
    Broadcast and the interview with "Mouse" brought tears to my eyes and helped me to better understand what these men have dealt with all their lives. As our troops return from the Iraq/Afgan conflicts
    the wisdom shared in this film can hopefully prevent the next generation of
    troops from silently suffering for 40 years before getting help. Keep up the excellent work! Looking forward to the full release.

  • Boone Zewe (Thursday, May 01 14 12:40 pm EDT)

    Just viewed the Prologue and first interview with the pilot. He is from our home town and we have known him all our life. He is and always has been a wonderful person. Now we know why he made some of
    the life decisions he did over the years. We only wish we could have been there for him more but realize that perhaps that still would not have helped him. Thank you for doing this. It is long over
    due for all of those young men and women. True heroes!

  • Betsy Brand (Tuesday, April 22 14 09:56 pm EDT)

    The footage in this film is phenomenal... I am engaged in the story immediately! A thoughtful and valuable project, on its own, and especially in light of the issues today's Iraq/Afghanistan vets are
    facing, which are immense. The combination of the vivid commentary and powerful visuals are deeply moving. Can't wait to see the completed film.

  • Noah Griffin (Monday, April 14 14 07:02 pm EDT)

    "From the heartland of America to the frontline of war..." This brief excursion into the past brought tears to my eyes. You document not only a journey in time but the timeless dimension of the
    overlooked and under reported bond which impels brothers in arms to fight, protect, defend and rescue one another. Not just for cause and country but for love, loyalty and the life of a fellow in
    arms. Thank you for this powerful statement. With your stellar professional history and background, the finished product cannot help but be compelling viewing. I have studied the black troops in the
    Civil War, specifically the "Glory" regiment, the Massachusetts 54th. The universal themes which you document, absent modern technology harken back even to then. Thank you, Mort!

  • Nancy Lake (Monday, April 14 14 02:26 pm EDT)

    I graduated H.S. in 1968, so this was "my" era and these boys were "ours". That being said, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't follow the war and have little memory of the events that took place. Its
    40 years too late, but...THANK YOU for the service you performed for my country and ME. I look forward to viewing the finished product.

  • Pam (Friday, April 11 14 11:41 am EDT)

    Thank-you for making this documentary. Our father is a P.O.W. survivor from WWII. He is very proud of your work and what you have done with with this piece. THANK-YOU!

  • Barry (Wednesday, April 09 14 05:44 pm EDT)

    Powerful! What a selfless charitable gift you two are giving. God bless

    PS: I forwarded this to folks at our local VA and Vet Center along with other VN vets